Review Management Made Easy

Let us automate your online reviews and connect with more customers in less time, with less energy, and even save you money while doing it.  Move your review management needs from your "to-do" list to your "done" list.

Review Acquisition

Reviews are collected via customized landing page or widget

A funnel for collecting reviews

The easier you can make reviewing your business for customers, the more reviews you will receive.  We give your business a short URL and landing page to send customers to.


          Simpler process makes it easy for customers

          Automated campaigns make it easy for you

          Designed to convert customers into reviewers

          Promote only the review sites that matter to your business

          Guide unfamiliar customers to sites that do not require an account

          Give your business a second chance with unhappy customers

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Get a second chance
Auto-publish reviews to your website

We'll collect every review of your business that is on the Internet and re-publish the best ones to your website automatically via our simple copy/paste embed code.

          Automatically show the most recent positive customer reviews of your business to prospective

          customers and increase conversions


          Selectively show/hide and edit review snippets so that you're always in control of what you


All your reviews in one simple dashboard
Field Solution Group
Other Leading Solutions
Review Request Campaigns
Review Monitoring/Aggregation
Review Marketing
Review Reporting

Widget embeddable in business website and email signature

Different positive vs. negative feedback flow

Mobile-friendly experience throughout

Generates reviews on review sites (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) rather than internally or on a landing page

Targets major, minor and industry-specific review sites

Guides customers with clear instructions and conversion triggers

Can white-label domain URL and remove FSG branding

Customized email content, timing and sequence

Automated sending, follow-ups, removal

Integrates with other systems through API and widgets

Compliant "kiosk mode" for collecting reviews on location

Shareable review request form

Printed review card invites

Monitors third-party review sites for new reviews

Sends alerts when new reviews are published

Alerts include review info and link for response

Comprehensively monitors all reviews and review sites

Includes major, minor and industry-specific sites

Alerts can be set based on rating level

Auto-shares positive reviews to social media

Auto-publishes positive reviews to your website

Embeddable aggregate rating with rich-snippet markup

Available as copy-and-paste embed code

Available as a Wordpress plugin and Joomla module

Includes reviews gathered from around the Web

Custom criteria and control over review re-publishing

FSG branding can be removed from widgets

PDF and web-based performance/trend reports

Reporting metrics available via API

Aggregate reports for large, multi-location businesses

Reports sent automatically on any schedule you want

Individual employee aggregate rating reporting metric

Newsletter marketing sign up and video embed capability

One negative review can cost you 30 new customers. Proactively identify unhappy customers and steer them into direct contact with you for a customer service recovery.  


          Give your business a second chance to turn a        

          negative customer experience around

          Reach unhappy customers before they bad-mouth

          your business on the Internet

          Make amends on negative public reviews to get

          customers to fix their rating

Collect and monitor reviews across hundreds of review sites to keep tabs on the health of your business's reputation.

Working together to help your business grow

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